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Fracking Waste Reaches Beyond Polluted Wells

An article published on the MinnPost goes into a detailed breakdown of the effects Fracking Waste is having on the countries natural water supply. Ron Meader discusses the amount of water that is used at these wells to complete extraction of natural gas. The process uses up to 1 to 7 million gallons per well. He also explains the contents of the water used that carries to the surface. This waste water contains contaminants such as barium, selenium, arsenic, and lead.

The article also examines the growth towards recycling water, and the reform of rules to adjust to the excess in waste water being sent to water treatment facilities. The seismic activity has also been looked at because of fracking. The article states that “The rate of earthquakes above magnitude 3 in the U.S. has been rising steadily from 21 events a year, on average, with a steep acceleration after 2010 and a peak of 188 events in 2011.”.

Click Here to read the article in it’s entirety from the MinnPost (02/04/2014).