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Fracking Waste Debated For Landfills

An article posted on the WCHS Charleston/Huntington’s Eye Witness News website reports on a debate going on with Fracking Waste For Landfills in the Charleston-Fayettville, WVA area. The debate is between city officials & communities in close proximity to the  state landfills fracking waste is currently being taken to. The issue lies with the motion to increase space at established landfills specifically for this type of waste.

The communities concern lies with the sediment pits the waste is disposed too. They say these pits are leaking into the water supply, and increasing these capacities will only further damage the overall community’s health. City officials take is that it’s cost effective, and more responsible to increase the size of the current state funded landfills than to open multiple mini-sites handle the fracking waste across the area.

Click Here to read the entire article on the Charleston/Huntington’s Eye Witness News website.

Fracking waste being produced from horizontal drilling.