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5 Mistakes that Lead to Hazardous Waste Fines

The website The Environmental Leader, a website dedicated to Environmental & Energy Management News published an article reviewing 5 environmental mistakes company’s make that lead to hazardous waste penalties.

The VP of IDR Environmental Services, Richard Espinoza, explains that it’s challenging when trying to keep up with state and federal regulations. It’s easy to make a mistake, but these 5 that can be avoided are highlighted by Richard.

  • Dumping toxic waste into municipal sewer systems.
  • Failing to mark containers with the proper hazardous waste labels.
  • Failing to keep lids on containers at all times.
  • Out of date information for your hazardous waste emergency plan.
  • Having more than 55 gallon in satellite accumulation areas.

Click Here to read the article, more information on these mistakes, and how to prevent them.