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Fracking Waste Debated For Landfills

February 18, 2014

An article posted on the WCHS¬†Charleston/Huntington’s Eye Witness News website reports on a debate going on with Fracking Waste For Landfills in the Charleston-Fayettville, WVA area. The debate is between city officials & communities in close proximity to the ¬†state landfills fracking waste is currently being taken to. The issue lies with the motion to …

Handling Pesticide Containers After a Storm

February 13, 2014

Agri-View, a Wisconsin-based agriculture newspaper, recently published a guideline to handling pesticide containers after a storm. The article focuses on commercial agriculture products, and the threat posed by pesticide contamination by high winds and rain. After such occurrences, pesticide containers can be left broken, spilled, and/or pooling. Within this article there are procedures recommended to …

Hazardous Waste Management in the Retail Sector

February 7, 2014

An article published on the EPA’s website describes their response to the challenges the retail industry is facing when implementing hazardous waste regulations. The EPA has put in a request for the Notice of Data Availability (NODA) to better understand the retail sector’s operations in regards to the hazardous waste it generates. They will analyze …