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Innovative Packaging Solutions

Questar provides a complete program of design, manufacturing, storage, and distribution of new and unique packaging to meet our customer’s needs. Through an extensive network of relationships with key manufacturers & industry experts, Questar is able to deliver the highest quality and value while maintaining compliance with all requirements of the Federal Department of Transportation. Our team manages your container project from start to finish through initial design, prototypes, required UN testing, manufacturing, storage, and final delivery.

We are experienced in the design and fulfillment of Sustainable Packaging Solutions:

Containment Examples:

  • Aerosol Totes
  • Bio-Hazardous Waste
  • Container Management Return Programs
  • Customer Battery Waste Containers
  • Lamp Return Programs
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Poly Woven 55 Gallon UN Rated Container
  • Private Labeling
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Retail Waste Return Programs
  • UN Rated Custom Containers
  • UN Rated Return Totes

For over 20 years, Questar has been providing a single source solution for packaging needs with the waste industry. A uniqueness of Questar is our ability to partner with our clients and design alternative containers that improve the clients efficiency, and lower their overall container costs.

Success Site Un-Seen:

The Challenge: Questar received a request from a client for a UN Rated High Temp Bulk Container with Dust Containment capabilities. The container would be shipped internationally in large volumes. Container must be UN approved, and meet project & equipment specifications within a very tight delivery deadline. Based upon the client’s project time line, Questar would not be able to physically review the process, and equipment prior to the design/manufacturing process of the bulk containers.

The Solution: Questar completed a thorough needs assessment with the client including analysis of the logistics, and all specification drawings of the processing equipment. A cost effective, and responsive sourcing partner was secured by Questar. UN tested samples were provided, and approved by the client. Logistics for international shipping & receiving were coordinated by Questar. Final product & fulfillment process delivered to the client ahead of the project launch.

Over 20,000 units were delivered ahead of schedule, and exceeded our client’s quality & performance expectations. The final product drove down the overall costs of containment, collection process, transportation, and disposal costs.

Maximizing Space While Meeting DOT Compliance:

The Challenge: Our client requested Questar’s analysis of a multi-stop waste collection process that utilized specific transportation, and material handling equipment.

The Solution: Questar completed on-site analysis of the entire collection & disposal process with the client’s local team, corporate compliance team, and corporate procurement team. Questar proposed an alternative container, as opposed to traditional drums, that reduced storage needs. This also maximized the transportation, and handling equipment efficiency. The proposed containers improved utilization of limited storage & transportation space by 27%.

The project was launched in October 2013 with an estimated annual savings on container cost totaling over $1,700,000.

Reduce the Number of Containers and Required Storage Space:

The Challenge: Retail clients were required to collect regulated post-consumer waste in UN/DOT approved containers. One size & style of container was preferred while allowing the proper closure during the collection process.

The Solution: Questar designed an alternative corrugated container that shipped, and stored flat. This saved significant logistics cost, and relieved warehouse space in their retail facilities. The container implemented an innovative closure process that met regulatory closure requirements. This closure also allowed an easy opening/closing process for the retail end user during the filling process of the container.

This program was launched in August 2013.

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