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4 Foot Non UN Rated Lamp Drum

Part # EDD104B-190

Ideal for managing spent fluorescent lamps. The Fluorescent Light Bulb Drums are designed to make it simple when filling the container. Non UN Rated 4 Foot Lamp Drums are stocked exclusively in our west coast distribution centers. They are shorter, and wider than the more common 4 Foot Lamp Drum, and can hold up to 190 spent bulbs. A slip-cover allows to easily open and close the container during the filling process. The fiberboard material is extremely durable, and is perfect for shipping in regards to protecting your lamps under DOT regulations.

  • Ideal application for T12 and T8 fluorescent bulbs.
  • Light weight container for a cost effective shipping and disposal
  • Slip-Cover to easily open and close the container.
  • T12 Fluorescent Bulbs
  • T8 Fluorescent Bulbs


4 Foot Drum


48" (L) x 23½" (D)


190 Lamps


Non UN Rated



Unit Weight:

15 lbs.

Part # Size Dimension Capacity Rating Units/Pallet Unit Weight
EDF104NOUN 4 Foot Box 12" (W) x 14" (H) x 48" (L) 72 Lamps Non UN Rated 125 3 lbs.
EDF108NOUN 8 Foot Box 12" (W) x 12" (H) x 96" (L) 62 Lamps Non UN Rated 100 6 lbs.
EDD104B 4 Foot Drum 48" (L) x 20½" (D) 108 Lamps UN 1G/Y40/S 5 12 lbs.
EDD108B 8 Foot Drum 96" (L) x 20½" (D) 108 Lamps UN 1G/Y95/S 5 19 lbs.
EDD104B-190 4 Foot Drum 48" (L) x 23½" (D) 190 Lamps Non UN Rated 5 15 lbs.
EDD108B-NOUN 8 Foot Drum 96" (L) x 15½ (D) 85 Lamps Non UN Rated 5 18 lbs.
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