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Steel Drums

Steel Drums are one of the most common containers in the environmental industry. This type of drum can come in many different sizes & styles. Questar proudly stocks many of these sizes & styles in our regional warehouses across the United States.

Standard sizes that are stocked range from 16 gallon to 55 gallon. All of these sizes are offered with a removable lid (Open Head), or a non-removable lid (Tight Head). Several closure styles are available from a Lever-Lock Closure to a Bolt-Ring Closure. Follow our Drum Terminology Guide for additional info on these closure styles. These drums can have a or rating. They can also be rated for solids, liquids, or carry a dual rating.

The chart, and pictures illustrates the drums that are stocked with their size, style, closure, color, UN rating, and if that drum is offered in a reconditioned state. Also available are Spec Sheets of each drum for additional details. Don’t see the size or style that you need? No problem! Please contact us, and we’ll help you get the specific drum that you require.

Part Number Size Style Closure Style Color Minimum UN Rating Reconditioned Available Specs
EDD355FE 55 Gallon Open Head With Fittings Bolt-Ring BLACK UN1A2/Y1.6/130 & 1A2/X374/S YES Download PDF
EDD355F 55 Gallon Open Head Bolt-Ring BLACK UN1A2/Y1.6/130 & 1A2/X374/S YES Download PDF
EDD356T 55 Gallon Tight Head NA BLACK UN1A1/Y1.8/200 YES Download PDF
EDD330F 30 Gallon Open Head Bolt-Ring BLACK UN1A2/X250/S NO Download PDF
EDD330T 30 Gallon Tight Head NA BLACK UN1A1/Y1.2/280 NO Download PDF
EDD316F 16 Gallon Open Head Bolt-Ring BLACK  UN1A2/Y100/S (X Available Upon Request) NO Download PDF
EDD316T 16 Gallon Tight Head NA BLACK UN1A1/Y1.2/100X Available Upon Request NO Download PDF
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