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Duffel Top Bulk Bag

Part # EDB2144

This cubic yard poly-woven bulk bag offers a duffel top for easy filling. With 4 lifting loops, movement of this unit is convenient with any material handling equipment. The poly-woven exterior fabric offers flexibility while capable of handling up to 2,205 lbs. of material. This package has been UN certified as X rated for solid waste streams under the Packaging Group I, II, and III classifications. This container is proven and acceptable within the hazardous waste disposal process.

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  • Once assembled, the flexible bulk bag allows for efficient filling procedures.
  • The duffel top allows for control of product during the filling process, and for a secure closure.
  • One bulk bag is the equivalent in capacity of four 55 gallon drums.
  • Product ships 190 bags/pallet which is the equivalent of 760 drums.
  • Its light weight lowers disposal cost when compared to 55 gallon drums.
  • One pallet of flexible bulk containers reduces storage space ┬áby 90%.
  • 100% Recyclable, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Filters
  • WWT Sludge
  • Dust
  • Asbestos
  • Filter Cakes
  • Soil
  • Adhesives
  • Contaminated PPE
  • Solids
  • Resins & Paints
  • Sand Bag
  • Debris
  • Spent Rags


35" (L) x 35" (W) x 31" (H)


2,205 lbs.


UN 13H2/X





Unit Weight:

6 lbs.

Part # Dimension Capacity Rating Liner Units/Pallet Unit Weight
EDB2144 35" (L) x 35" (W) x 31" (H) 2,205 lbs. UN 13H2/X No 190 6 lbs.
EDB2145 36" (L) x 36" (W) x 40" (H) 2,205 lbs. UN 13H4/X Yes 125 7 lbs.
EDB2235 35" (L) x 35" (W) x 31" (H) 2,205 lbs. UN 13H2/Y No 200 6 lbs.
EDB2150 47" (L) x 47" (W) x 47" (H) 2,400 lbs. UN 13H2/X No 110 8 lbs.
EDB2106 35" (L) x 35" (W) x 31" (H) 2,205 lbs. UN 13H2/Y No 100 6 lbs.
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