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Grit O’ Cob

Part # EAG150

Grit O’ Cobb, or Corn Cob is a renewable absorbent. Stemming as an organic material, this granular will help absorb & clean up spills in a quick fashion. This product is also an alternative to clay based absorbents, and is a non-carcinogen. It’s most popular use is as a moisture control, and will not damage surfaces upon application.

  • A moisture control absorbent that’s good for the colder months.
  • Renewable absorbent that incinerates low ash content.
  • Highly absorbent alternative to clay based absorbents.
  • Made from an eco-friendly organic corn cob material.
  • Does not damage the surfaces it’s spread on.
  • Easily spread, and swept up.
  • Liquids
  • Oils



Unit Weight:

50 lbs.

Part # Units/Pallet Unit Weight
EAG64CFEC39 39 16 lbs.
EAG40 50 40 lbs.
EAG150 40 50 lbs.
EAG50PM 50 17 lbs.
EAG2000 40 50 lbs.
EAG20 60 20 lbs.
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