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Floor Dry

Part # EAG40

Our Oil Dri, also known as ‘kitty litter’, is one of Questar’s best selling granular absorbents. This product is manufactured to absorb almost all types of oils, acids, paints, water, and other liquids. Made from a non-combustible, chemically inert mineral, our granular oil absorbent is an economically affordable product to help clean up spills.

  • Quick Absorption of Oil Spills.
  • 40 lb. Bags can be spread over large surfaces.
  • Prevents slipping once properly spread.
  • Most Types of Oil
  • Soluble Oils
  • Acids
  • Paints
  • Inks
  • Water
  • Other Liquids



Unit Weight:

40 lbs.

Part # Units/Pallet Unit Weight
EAG64CFEC39 39 16 lbs.
EAG40 50 40 lbs.
EAG150 40 50 lbs.
EAG50PM 50 17 lbs.
EAG2000 40 50 lbs.
EAG20 60 20 lbs.
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