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Ampho Mag

Part # EAG2000

Ampho-Mag is a powerful, efficient, and handy Absorbent to have on hand. Especially when you’re dealing with highly acidic or base chemicals. This absorbent is primarily used as a chemical neutralizer. With its innovative PH Indicator, Ampho-Mag speeds up the process of a chemical clean-up. The Ampho-Mag will use it’s indicator once spread to change the color of itself. It will turn Red when the chemical is highly acidic, and will turn Blue when it’s a base chemical. As it neutralizes the chemical it will turn to yellow or green. Ampho-Mag also acts as a universal absorbent, and will handle most spills. It’s a fine powder material, and comes in 50 lb. bags. 

  • Neutralizes Acids & Bases.
  • PH Indicator Changes Color To Simplify the Spill Response
  • Turns Red for Acids, and Blue for Bases.
  • Acts as a universal absorbent.
  • Acidic Chemicals
  • Base Chemicals
  • Liquids
  • Odor Control
  • Gas Neutralizer



Unit Weight:

50 lbs.

Part # Units/Pallet Unit Weight
EAG64CFEC39 39 16 lbs.
EAG40 50 40 lbs.
EAG150 40 50 lbs.
EAG50PM 50 17 lbs.
EAG2000 40 50 lbs.
EAG20 60 20 lbs.
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