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Granular Absorbents

A variety of granular absorbents are available. Specializing in providing extra course vermiculite to clay based absorbents. Also available in our loose granular absorbent line up are products to help clean up oil spills, chemical spills, and a variety of other liquids.  Floor Dry, Organic Peat Moss, and Moisture Control spreads are stocked.

Vermiculite » View


  • Fine to Extra Course Grades Available
  • Four Cubic Feet Bags
  • Light Weight Product
  • Organic & Domestic Grades Stocked
Floor Dry » View

Floor Dry

  • Granular Oil Absorbent
  • Prevents Slips
  • Prevents Flash Oil Fires
  • 40 lb. Bags
Grit O' Cob » View

Grit O’ Cob

  • Biodegradable Absorbent
  • Moisture Control Applications
  • Surface Cleaner
  • 50 lb. Bags
Pol Sorb Peat Moss » View

Pol Sorbent Peat Moss

  • Organic Pol Sorbent Peat Moss
  • Oil Absorbent Alternative
  • Environmental Friendly
  • 17 lb. Bags
Ampho-Mag » View

Ampho Mag

  • Ampho Mag Spread With PH Indicator
  • Neutralizes Spills
  • Absorbent Powder
  • 50 lb. Bags
EAG20 » View

Super Sorbent

  • Multipurpose Chemical Absorbent
  • Does Not Leave Residue
  • Easy Clean Up
  • 20 lb. Bags