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Absorbent Rag Rugs & Mats

Absorbent Rag Rugs offer a solution for high traffic areas that may be at risk for spills. This type of absorbent is made of 100% recycled material, and comes in several sizes. They are universal style, and come in rolls or split rolls. For safety purposes the rag rugs are constructed with a slip resistant underside. This feature also allows the material to lay flat on the floor.

Also available are absorbent Railroad Mats. This style of Rag Rug is tough, oil only absorbent made for heavy duty terrain. The material is ultrasonically bonded from three layers of absorbent material. The bottom layer is a heavy plastic. The second layer is a high strength melt blown absorbent. The third layer is a UV stabilized needle punch absorbent. Size options include mats for inside the tracks, and outside the tracks.

The chart, and pictures illustrates the Absorbent Rag Rugs that are stocked with their size, style, color, and shipping break-out. Additional sizes are available upon request.

Part Number Size Style Color Units/Bale Bales/Pallet Unit Weight
EAR527 27′ ‘ X 150′ Universal Rug Gray 1 12 30 lbs.
EAR536 36′ ‘ X 150′ Universal Rug Gray 1 12 51 lbs.
EAR554 54′ ‘ X 150′ Universal Rug Gray 1 12 70 lbs.
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