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Absorbents & Granular Absorbents

Questar is a well-known national distributor of absorbents and spill kits. We stock universal, oil only, and aggressive chemical sorbents including: pads, pillows, rolls, socks, boom, and rugs. Our spill kits range in absorption capacity from 7 gallons up to 94 gallons. They are available in universal or oil only. We also stock a variety of granular absorbents including: clay absorbent and vermiculite. Additionally to what is offered, Questar has access to thousands of SKU’s to get you the exact sorbent you need. Our experts can work with you to determine the best solution(s).

Group of oil only and universal absorbent Pads » View All

Absorbent Pads & Pillows

  • Oil Only, Universal, and Chemical Specific
  • Different Sizes Available
  • Several Styles Offered
8" x 10' Absorbent Boom » View All

Absorbent Booms & Socks

  • Oil Only, Universal, and Chemical Specific
  • Several Lengths Available
  • Multiple Thicknesses Available
Group of universal absorbent rugs. » View All

Absorbent Rag Rugs & Mats

  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Great For Large Surface Areas
  • Heavy Duty Material
Group of various sized spill kits. » View All

Spill Kits

  • Several Sizes Available
  • Oil Only, Universal, and Chemical Specific
  • Custom Spill Kits Available Upon Request
Granular Absorbents » View All

Granular Absorbents

  • Fine to Course Vermiculite
  • Clay Based Absorbent
  • Several Styles of Granular Absorbent