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For more than 20 years, Questar has been the leading provider of UN certified Performance Oriented Packaging for the waste industry. If you need a drum, absorbent, cubic yard corrugated box, poly-woven bag, lab packer, or lamp collection containers, Questar is your source. In addition, Questar has developed an extensive national network of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that inventory availability is never an issue. We manage all logistics related to container orders through our 9 strategic national warehouses.

Experience & Industry Knowledge

Our professionally trained team has extensive knowledge of the waste industry and how to best design, source, and supply our clients their waste packaging needs for movement of all waste streams. Questar also maintains all required DOT and EPA certifications for each container in addition to closure instructions and DOT Special Permit application and renewal. Questar is a proud member of NAHMMA (North American Hazardous Material Management Association), and RIPA (Reusable Industrial Packaging Association) to verify our standing in the industry.


The Questar Sales and Service team is dedicated to ensuring you receive your packaging needs at the right location, at the right time, and at a competitive price. Our trained team of service professionals has the knowledge to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to all of your packaging needs. Questar’s reputation for performance has allowed for the growth of numerous long term relationships with national environmental contractors, military operations, waste generators, and colleges & universities. Whether your needs require one container or a truck load of containers, we deliver!


Questar operates eight strategically located warehouses throughout the United States stocking significant levels of UN rated cubic yard containers, drums, and absorbents. Each warehouse is managed locally by a member of the Questar team. This allows us to control the delivery of your product 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand the need for fast delivery, and our infrastructure allows Questar to meet that need.

Design & Manufacturing

Questar manages numerous relationships with key manufacturers to ensure that our clients receive containers of the highest quality & value while in compliance with all requirements of the Federal Department of Transportation. Questar is known for the ability to introduce newly designed and manufactured containers that cost effectively manage your waste process, and meet all UN requirements. Questar has designed numerous unique containment products for our client’s specific needs. We manage projects from start to finish which includes samples, final product design, inventory management, and UN certification of each container. Our goal is to provide the right container at the right time in the most economical method possible!

Supplemental Products

In addition to cubic yard containers, drums, and absorbents, Questar provides additional items to complete your waste management program. Whether you need secondary spill containment for SPCC compliance, packaging closure products, or dangerous goods packaging, Questar is your source.


As a leading provider of Performance Oriented, UN Certified waste containment products, the very core of our business is focused on supporting our client’s sustainable efforts in the management of hazardous waste and materials. Questar services include fulfilling the container needs of our clients, coordinating the manufacturing of containers, managing all logistical needs, and the design of new containers with a goal of minimizing the potential impact to our environment.

Questar is your Single Source Supplier of Sustainable Packaging Solutions!

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Sponsored Programs of Questar including Canton Challenger baseball, YMCA, Autism Speaks, Special Olympics, Camp Sunshine, and The American Hear Association

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